• Abstraction. Point of view | 16.07.2024 - 18.08.2024  

    The individuality and uniqueness of each artist is reflected in his abstract works presented at the exhibition. Each artist has his own unique point of view on the world and art, which is manifested through the choice of theme, style and technique in his work.

  • We are EMIGRANTS. Exhibition of contemporary art in exile | 21.08.2024 - 22.09.2024  

    Difficult conversation. Complex exhibition. Because of the war in Ukraine, many artists were forced to become emigrants and gain a new status. How do they live? How do they continue to create and create in conditions of emigration, without Home? How do they feel? This is an international exhibition of people in forced emigration, without restrictions on style and technique, rather about emotions and sensations, about self-expression and points in time.