How to exhibit in UGALLERY?

Your personal exhibition

We can rent the gallery hall for your personal exhibition. In this case, we do not moderate the work. We make informational publications for our audience about the exhibition. Launching additional advertising and assistance in promoting the exhibition as agreed.
The cost of renting a hall for a personal exhibition is 200 GEL / day, the minimum number of days for rent is 3.
For a personal exhibition, please contact me in a convenient way for you.

Group exhibitions organized by us

Participation in group exhibitions organized by me is free.
To participate in a group exhibition, fill out the application form (click the button below). To fill out the form, you need to log in through your Google account, fill in information about yourself and your work / works, as well as attach photos of works.

In the application form, you must select the exhibition in which you want to participate. I’m send a response about accepting the work for participation approximately 1.5-2 weeks before the start of the exhibition.
We reserve the right to refuse the author to participate in the exhibition without explanation.

if your work is included in a group exhibition, i’m charge a commission if it is sold. The size of the commission and other conditions are agreed and specified in the agreement of the exhibitor.