art gallery | wine bar

Private art gallery in Tbilisi combined with a wine bar. Here is modern art and the best wine of Georgia.

Artist? You can rent a gallery for a solo exhibition or apply to be a part of a group exhibition. Participation in group exhibitions is free.

What is a gallery for me and what concept am I building?

The first place for me is the audience. I am very sensitive to the gallery community and do everything possible to preserve the atmosphere. These wonderful people are expats, international travelers and locals, united by a love of beauty, good taste, sociability and openness to the world. For me, visitors are my extended family, many of whom have become my close friends.

How do I collect exhibitions? I am not a professional gallerist and I have no art education. But. I was engaged in commercial photography for 12 years, shooting feature films. In essence, the collected exhibitions are me. My sense of art, my vision. I don’t choose authors based on their credentials, I look at the work and nearby there may be eminent, honored artists and newcomers who wrote their first work (there were such precedents, and they were amazing).

And of course the bar. The bar is a separate manifestation of my art. This is a small wine list of amazing wine on exclusive terms – you can only try it in my bar. This wine won silver in Georgia and gold in Italy. This is excellent cuisine from a local chef. These are products that I have collected from all over the world. And of course it’s good coffee from Italy and local Georgian tea.

Evgenii Kosogorov

Entrepreneur, former photographer and film maker, several businesses in different areas. Now a bartender and gallery owner.

Mery ShervashidzeMery Shervashidze
12:39 16 Jun 24
Kateryna YanchenkoKateryna Yanchenko
19:47 15 Jun 24
This bar has become pretty much our second home. The bar area provides a cosy atmosphere, it’s so easy to make friends over delicious wine and beer. The service is always top notch! They host mafia nights, karaoke nights, art gallery events and other fun happenings. I’m never bored here and the public is intelligent and fun. Love this and recommend 🧡
The best wine bar in Tbilisi!Here you can look at interesting paintings and try unique wine from a local winemaker. The atmosphere is very cozy and the exhibitions change frequently so there is always something new.The staff is friendly and always ready to help with your choice. A great place to spend an evening with friends or just relax. I recommend it to everyone who loves art and good wine!
Emile ParrottaEmile Parrotta
15:48 11 Jun 24
I had such a fun night here on a solo night out. Loved the karaoke and welcoming atmosphere created by the owner/bartender. Hope to come back for more!
Oliver KopunOliver Kopun
20:29 09 Jun 24
Amazing bar mixed with a small gallery, definitely worth visiting and the Mafia game they host is absolutely worth it! 10/10
20:08 10 May 24
One of the spots in Tbilisi I'll miss ❤️ It's so cozy here!! ❤️ And the wine is amazing! 🙂 Definitely suggest playing Mafia here, the guys play in English. Oh, and there's cozy karaoke too!! Every Saturday. Overall, really awesome crowd here!!
Cool place, friendly hosts, delicious food and wine. There is a whole room dedicated to exhibitions and concerts. There are board games, and on some days there are mafia games and drawing lessonsDefinitely recommended!
melike karadumanmelike karaduman
07:58 08 Apr 24
Stopped by here to check the gallery, stayed for mafia game. It was a night to remember! Met so many nice people, had lots of great drinks and cheese! Thanks to the owner for creating such welcoming place for everyone~
Jjj YyyJjj Yyy
15:51 17 Jan 24
Nice place with tasty wine, highly recommended
Natalia FernandezNatalia Fernandez
11:09 26 Jul 23
Really lovely cozy and alternative place. It's a wine bar but also an art gallery as the name says. When we got there they had an exposition dedicated to collecting funds for Ukrainian refugees which is so admirable. We had a wine tasting and all of the wines were amazing. I also recommend the olives! The owner is extremely friendly and makes you feel right at home. It's a must go in Tbilisi for sure!


My bar is about the aesthetics of taste and cool people, it’s music, dating, board games, lectures, art lessons. My menu is a combination of products from Georgia, Armenia, France, Belgium and Italy. My wine is from the local small winery Kveli Estate, unique, very good quality, for example, our Saperavi recently took silver at the Georgian wine festival. And you can try this wine only here, these are mutually exclusive conditions, my winemaker works only with me, and I only take his wine. And beer, local craft from a brewery with an international team, good ale and IPA, which will certainly surprise you. My bar is my art, a combination of taste and atmosphere. My bar is people, wonderful people from all over the planet.


Exhibition calendar

  • Abstraction. Point of view | 16.07.2024 - 18.08.2024  

    The individuality and uniqueness of each artist is reflected in his abstract works presented at the exhibition. Each artist has his own unique point of view on the world and art, which is manifested through the choice of theme, style and technique in his work.

  • We are EMIGRANTS. Exhibition of contemporary art in exile | 21.08.2024 - 22.09.2024  

    Difficult conversation. Complex exhibition. Because of the war in Ukraine, many artists were forced to become emigrants and gain a new status. How do they live? How do they continue to create and create in conditions of emigration, without Home? How do they feel? This is an international exhibition of people in forced emigration, without restrictions on style and technique, rather about emotions and sensations, about self-expression and points in time.

Artist? You can rent a gallery for a solo exhibition or apply to be a part of a group exhibition. Participation in group exhibitions is free.

Events calendar

July 2024

  • Spain - Georgia
  • drawing lessons with Anna Esina
  • Secret Hitler (Board Game)
  • drawing lessons with Anna Esina
  • MAFIA game (in Russian)
  • KARAOKE at the bar!
  • nude sketches (18+)
  • MAFIA game (in English)
  • drawing lessons with Anna Esina
  • Secret Hitler (Board Game)
  • drawing lessons with Anna Esina
  • MAFIA game (in Russian)
  • KARAOKE at the bar!
  • nude sketches (18+)
  • MAFIA game (in English)
  • drawing lessons with Anna Esina
  • Secret Hitler (Board Game)
  • drawing lessons with Anna Esina
  • MAFIA game (in Russian)
  • KARAOKE at the bar!
  • nude sketches (18+)
  • Fluid art
  • MAFIA game (in English)
  • drawing lessons with Anna Esina
  • Secret Hitler (Board Game)
  • drawing lessons with Anna Esina
  • MAFIA game (in Russian)
  • KARAOKE at the bar!
  • nude sketches (18+)
  • MAFIA game (in English)
  • drawing lessons with Anna Esina
  • Secret Hitler (Board Game)