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Portfolio Description

Poti port. 14 years after the war.


Oil on canvas


year of creation

In 2008, the city of Poti was bombed, the Poti Sea port was shelled, after which the port itself was occupied by the Russian garrison. He was there for almost a month after the end of hostilities as «peacekeepers». At that time, I was still a schoolgirl, very far from wars and other countries. Now my family has moved to Poti, and then I found out that here, right in where I live now — just recently there was a war. A war in which my country was the aggressor and dropped bombs right on these places. Such a reality changes the very feeling of yourself. But the city itself changes you much more. People talk about the war, do not hide emotions, but there is no personal hatred in them. Both the city and the port seem to have directed their energy into creation and work, filled with life and work. People did not hide the war in themselves, but did not let it swallow them up. In moments of despair, it became an example for me. P.s. The Russian fleet, which entered the waters of Georgia and fired at the port of Poti, was led by the cruiser Moskva. At the moment, it is sunk in the Black Sea by the Ukrainian army.