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On January 25, 2022, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation compiled registers of traditional values ​​and alien ideas
In general, all my life they have been broadcasting exactly which ideas are alien to me, but now they have carefully put it all together, and at the same time they have compiled a list of so-called «sources of threats to traditional values»
The list of «moral guidelines that form the worldview of the citizens of Russia» aroused endless indignation in me.
It is ridiculous to hear from these people, bogged down in their own lies and duplicity to the very ears, «priority of the spiritual over the material» or «human rights and freedoms»
I portrayed Russia as it is: poor, exhausted by these cannibals. Closed it for restoration (and we all know that restoration is in fact always first of all money laundering)
And from above I «disguised» it with the words from this list to show how ridiculous it is.