Portfolio Description

polyptych "PINK-PUNK"

Primed canvas on stretcher. Mixed technique (acrylic + spray paint + pencils + markers + varnish). Fictional plot, neo-expressionism. The message of the artist (not necessarily) is general: I draw what I think is important to talk about. My pictures, these are my thoughts and feelings, fixed on the canvas. Specifically to this series of works: This series of works about nostalgia, about a return to origins, about a protest, about feelings. The years 2007-2010 were my last years in Donetsk. And they looked exactly like that. I was a teenager, wore pink bangs and spent all my time at the skate park. And now those memories are especially vivid in me… with love and pain. I think this series of paintings would be a great addition and highlight of a loft or eclectic or pop-art interior. It can be a detail that will reflect your individuality, a certain impudence, rebelliousness, even in the most minimalistic surroundings.

50х50 cm

Mixed technique (acrylic + spray paint + pencils + markers + varnish)


year of creation


Graduated from Tula State University with a degree in Design (Tula State University Department of Design is supervised by The Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Industry. A.L. Stieglitz). 2021 — participant of Party-Market (Tula). Resident of Party-Market shop (Tula).