Portfolio Description

Dry behind the ears


Size without frame

Digital Drawing, Icon, Semi realism


year of creation

The painting is a multi-layered metaphor for modern realities.
It can be called a modern interpretation of the icon. And its main idea is the inevitable replacement of the old world with the new one.
The background, like an echo of the Old Testament, reflects all the passions of an obsolete life: the sinking world in the war for oil, power and wealth, and the separation of people by unrestrained consumption and the seven deadly sins hiding in the details.
It is replaced by the New Testament.
In the foreground is a figure that is a symbol of the birth of a new world.
The world that has emerged from the internal changes of each personality.
In the center is a society of Personalities. This is a new universe where religions — Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism — are united in one faith — faith in life.
Where everyone wears an ornament from the connection with their ancestors and their memory.
The figure with his hand gives a gesture of fearlessness — something that will be vital for accepting changes and all the new things that the future world brings to us.
The old world sun has already set. And a new sun rises, illuminating the first messengers of peace — pigeons. They carry the message of a new life — in
faith, unity, courage, personality and love.