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50x30 (frame 38x58)



year of creation


2004. State Academy of Arts. Faculty of the Monumental and decorative painting. Georgia. 2007 — the Exhibition of Tbilisi Armenian Artists «To be Together»,(catalogue). 2010 – the ART bridge. Group exhibition of Tbilisi Armenian Artists 1980-2010, International Cultural Center Muza (catalogue). 2011 — a personal exhibition “Old Tiflis’s Modest charm», in «Artbrege», Armenia. 2012 — a group exhibition» On Homeland call» , Armenia.(catalogue) 2012 — a group exhibition,»The Armenian churches of Tbilisi, yesterday and today», in educational center»Hayartun».Georgia. 2012 — a group exhibition Sayat-Nova devoted to anniversary. Union of Artists of Armenia, Yerevan. (Catalogue) 2013 — The personal exhibition «Echo of Urartu».» The Caucasian house”. Georgia. 2013 — The International symposium of plain-air painting «Lithuania eyes of artists of the abroad», Visaginas, Trakay, Daugavpils, Vilnius. (Catalogue) 2013 — The personal exhibition devoted to the Armenian, national singer Sayat Nova. National Library of Georgia. 2013 -Participation in the Italian project “Imago Mundi Benetton”. (Catalogue).Armenia. 2014 — Participation in the Italian project “Imago Mundi Benetton”. (Catalogue).Georgia. 2015 — Participation exhibition “PALETTE OF WORKS OF THE ARMENIAN ARTISTS IN ROUND SPACE OF PLATES”. Georgia. Works are available in private collections of the countries; Russia, Armenia, Lebanon, Israel, France, Italy, Australia, Lithuania, India.