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Jan 06 2023
  • 12:00 AM

«INTERIOR ART» exhibition

entrance free06.01 - 21.01 | 2023 EXHIBITION OF INTERIOR PAINTING. Group exhibition of paintings for the interior: "INTERIOR ART" 06.01 - 21.01 | 2023 GALLERY | TBILISI | GEORGIA You can not only see the paintings at the exhibition, but also buy the ones you like. If you do not know how it will fit into the interior, you can see examples on our website by clicking on the QR code of the picture. ILIA POTAPOV | «Freedom of speech»e.ksg2023-01-09T13:35:56+04:00 ZEMLYA | «EXALTATION»e.ksg2023-01-09T14:51:12+04:00 Ekaterina Kenigross | «Balance»e.ksg2023-01-06T00:56:24+04:00 Korvin-kuchinskaya Aliaksandra | «Still-life»e.ksg2023-01-06T00:32:53+04:00 ZEMLYA...

Dec 09 2022
  • 12:00 AM

«Black & White» exhibition

entrance free09.12 - 27.12 | 2022 An exhibition of paintings in black and white without restrictions on the type and style of the painting. Applications for participation are accepted from 28.11.2022. During the exhibition there will be a daily screening of b/w films from 19:00. View - any banknote. COW | go6ae.ksg2022-12-13T02:06:26+04:00 Parma | Maria Stadnike.ksg2022-12-16T17:42:34+04:00 DAMA | aleksantise.ksg2022-12-12T01:28:29+04:00 GOOSE | go6ae.ksg2022-12-13T02:08:09+04:00 Rustle | Maria Stadnike.ksg2022-12-16T17:44:13+04:00 Dracaena | Alexandra Shavele.ksg2022-12-12T01:32:15+04:00 TRIP | go6ae.ksg2022-12-13T02:12:14+04:00 Smerch | Maria Stadnike.ksg2022-12-16T17:45:31+04:00 she-wolf | Ana Tsertsvadzee.ksg2022-12-12T01:35:46+04:00 One Evil or Another | Agazee.ksg2022-12-13T02:16:35+04:00 12…4Next  

Nov 19 2022
  • 12:00 AM

Exhibition «War»

entrance free19.11 - 06.12 | 2022 Blood, loss, emigration, death, ideological split, loss of everything and search for a new path, fear, hatred, misunderstanding, apathy, permanent anxiety What does the artist feel during the war? How will his emotions and experiences be reflected on a blank canvas? 23 artists from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Russia   All gallery profits from the sale of works will be transferred to the Emigration for Action Foundation (Tbilisi), the foundation purchases medicines for refugees from Ukraine and generally conducts...